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Radio Live Streaming Player

Maintainance and optimization free, we'll do it all for you!

Radio Streaming Player Shoutcast Plus

IDR 70.000/month (No Renewal Price Hikes)

We give our best so we can optimize your services on the platform

Radio Streaming Player Shoutcast Plus

IDR 200.000/month (No Renewal Price Hikes)

We give our best so we can optimize your services on the platform

Radio Streaming Page / Embeddable Page
Live Broadcasting
Static Artwork / Radio Station Official Logo.
Radio Personalizations
Customizeable font, logo and also other descriptive informations.
Show Management
Create or re-arrange schedule at ease.
Audio Track Management
Audio assignments as podcasts, backsounds, songs, adlibs.
News Management
Create, update, delete news with dates.
Articles Management
Optimize with built-in Search engine optimizations features.
Radio Streaming Page / Add on
Streamio Dropbox Audio Files Storage
Dropbox Audio Files Storage
Stream MP3 files and served better Audio/Music quality through Dropbox cloud storage.

Light/Dark Theme

Start your own online radio station. Light/Dark Theme is an online radio solution that allows you to easily broadcast your radio through the internet for others to listen too. It is by far the biggest internet radio platform and has thousands of broadcasters that use it across the globe to run their station on the internet.

From full-fledged radio companies to regular hobby radio stations, Shoutcast makes it easy for anyone to get into broadcasting and get their voice or music heard on a global scale.

Uninterruptible Streaming Radio/Audio

#1. Not just a plain streaming audio. The available features will centainly have an impact on,
~ to Advertiser

  1. Increase or having a better trust rate
  2. Additional opportunities for the number of advertisements
  3. Increase in Ad Rate
~ to User
  1. Better Engagement
  2. Users Growth (as portfolios)
  3. Increased new opportunities for collaboration and events.
~ for Local musicians (Indie)
  1. As a reference for collaboration
  2. Fanbase centralization

#2. As the main web application or as an add on to your existing website / platform that you already have to boost existence.