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Best alternative options for Radio Live Streaming and Music Platform exposures!


Start your own online radio station. SHOUTcast is an online radio solution that allows you to easily broadcast your radio through the internet for others to listen too. It is by far the biggest internet radio platform and has thousands of broadcasters that use it across the globe to run their station on the internet. It makes streaming audio an extremely simply process and comes with a bunch of unique features, like their own Public Directory where you can list your own stream completely free.

From full-fledged radio companies to regular hobby radio stations, Shoutcast makes it easy for anyone to get into broadcasting and get their voice or music heard on a global scale.


CentovaCast has been in the industry for more than a decade and is known for its stability, features and extensive documentation. With a long-standing reputation, it caters to mostly experienced broadcasters, providing a comprehensive solution for effectively managing and broadcasting radio stations online.

CentovaCast mainly also features Playlist Management, Advanced Reports and Auto-DJ, which is all managed through a centralized control panel

SSL Encrypted Streams

All our Shoutcast streaming plans include an SSL streaming link completely free of charge. This is especially important if you stream your radio through a website or page. Modern browsers do not accept Non-SSL requests and will produce warning errors if its not secured by an SSL Certificate.
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